Weird Pen K is an Arab, North African, Moroccan artist, rapper, composer, and author born in Rabat. He began his artistic journey at the age of 14 under the alias “Kim Down,” releasing several songs on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. In 2008, he joined the B3 Group, collaborating on various projects until the group disbanded in 2013. In 2013, he gained recognition with the release of the music video “Besbabek,” addressing addiction, featuring artists Samid Ghilan and Amir Ali, among others. The video was directed by Hakim Kababi. Weird Pen K has actively participated in the revival of private nights and art festivals, including the “Chabka” festival in 2009 and the “Hiphop Family” festival in 2011. After a hiatus, he returned with a new persona as “Weirdpen K” technician. In December 2020, he released the music video “lhayat,” available on all digital platforms. In December 2021, he collaborated with “Sif lssane,” a member of the H-kayne group, on the single “llayla.” His debut album, “CHESS,” consisting of 7 songs, was released in March 2022, featuring collaborations with distributors and sound engineers such as Aymane Megahit and RedRakin. He also produced and filmed four music videos between 2020 and 2022. In 2023, he composed and wrote a song for Rai star Cheba Maria, titled “Khalik Maaya – Dj Stash Ft Cheba Maria.” In 2024, he released several singles in collaboration with music producer Amine Balkisse, including “7alti Finale,” “Wa 7iyani Wa 7iyane,” and “L7oub.” Currently, he is working on new music projects. Weird Pen K is known for his unique approach to presenting his personality and music, often obscuring his face and keeping his private life separate from his artistic persona, as evident in his graphics and imagery on social media. — Let me know if you need any further adjustments!

Weird Pen K

Weirdpen K - Nakhwi Bladi (Official Music Video)

Latest Album

  1. Track 01 Rachel Salverz 2:27
  2. Track 02 Rachel Salverz 2:59
  3. Track 03 Rachel Salverz 2:27
  4. Track 04 Rachel Salverz 3:21
  5. Track 05 Rachel Salverz 3:27
  6. Track 06 Rachel Salverz 2:57

Contact for Booking

For booking and press inquiries please contact my manager by filling the form or calling the number: 00212 6000000

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